Republic of Cyprus
Commissioner to the Presidency

Information for Overseas and Repatriated Cypriots

Allowances and other privileges for repatriated Cypriots

A. The current housing assistance schemes are the following: (1). Self-help house in Private Land/House Repairs, (2). The purchase of an Apartment/House, (3). Rent Subsidy. A necessary condition for someone to submit an application for the schemes is to possess a valid Refugee Identity card. Also, all three allowances are available only upon fulfillment of certain salary-related criteria. For more information, interested individuals should contact the Service for the Care and Rehabilitation of Displaced Persons (Nicosia: tel. 00-357-22456276, Limassol / Paphos: tel. 00-357-25871150, Larnaca / Famagusta district: tel. 00-357-24821940).

B. A certain number of grants concerning the fees for children of repatriated Cypriots studying at private secondary education schools are also available. The children of repatriated parents are entitled to an annual grant of €768,87 (seven hundred, sixty eight euro and eighty seven cents). Eligible are only students who, upon their arrival to Cyprus attend immediately classes at the upper (lyceum) or lower (gymnasium) circle of Private Secondary Schools or at the 7th class of Private Primary Schools, registered with the Ministry of Education and Culture. Only students who previously attended schools abroad, whose language of teaching was other than Greek are eligible. For more information, please contact Mrs Maria Anastasiades, Administrative Officer at the Ministry of Education and Culture, Tel. no.: 00357-22-800600 / 704, email: (also, more details on this allowance can be found in another subchapter of this website > “Grants for fees for children of repatriated Cypriots studying at private secondary education schools”).

C. Finally, children of repatriated parents are entitled to reduced military service, depending on their age at the time of repatriation:

Above 26 years old: 3 months of military service
18-26 years old: 6 months of military service
13 – 18 years old: 14 months of military service
10-13 years old: 18 months of military service

More detailed information on this issue can be found in the > “Military Service issues” subchapter of this website. Interested individuals may contact the local National Guard Recruitment Offices at the following tel. numbers: 00-357-22417130 (Nicosia / Kyrenia / Morphou), 00-357-25369850 (Limassol), 00-357-24653991 (Larnaca / Famagusta district), 00-357-26933270 (Paphos), 00-357-22417121 (National Guard Headquarters), and 00-357-22807766, 22807543 (Recruitment Office of the Ministry of Defence).

In order to facilitate their smoother adjustment in Cyprus, interested individuals are kindly advised to apply to their nearest Cyprus’ Diplomatic or Consular Mission for the issuance of a document which will certify their -at least- 10-year continuous stay in the country of residence.

World Conference of Overseas Cypriots