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Health care in Cyprus

The Ministry of Health provides health care to repatriating Cypriots under the same conditions as any other citizen (provided they do not have healthcare coverage from another Member State). To claim health care benefits, repatriating Cypriots and their family members must place an application at any Citizens Service Center. Applicants must also provide all necessary documents in support of their claim of repatriation. Information about Citizens Service Centers can be found at

Health care in Cyprus is provided by the Government Medical Services and the private medical sector. The Government Medical Services can be used by any person who chooses to be treated at a Government Medical Institutions.

Healthcare benefits are provided by the Government Medical Services to families that at least one of the spouses has contributed to the Social Insurance scheme for a minimum period of three years. Assimilated insurance periods are included. In addition, certain financial and/or other criteria should also be met. Provided that all set criteria are met a person is eligible to healthcare treatment by the Government Medical Services at a set minimum charge. Patients not belonging to this category or any of the other categories described in the respective Law pay the prescribed fees which are revised from time to time.

Patients seeking medical care from the private medical sector have to cover the cost themselves. Certain groups of people are covered by medical funds, operated by trade unions or employers. These funds provide full or partial coverage of medical expenses incurred by their members.

As from the date Cyprus accessed EU, European Regulations are enforced and benefits in kind are provided to facilitate mobility of patients and cross-border workers.

Based on EU regulations, citizens from other EU Members States can obtain health care in Cyprus. The health care services provided are the same as that provided to a Cypriot nationals and it is available at any of the Government Medical Institutions in Cyprus.

To obtain healthcare benefits in Cyprus, European and EEA citizens must be a holderof an appropriate entitlement document or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their own Member State.

Health care at Accident and Emergency Departments of State Hospitals is offered for a free of €10,00, to everybody seeking medical care, irrespective of citizenship and income criteria. However, if they need hospitalization, subsequent care fees have to be paid.

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