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Trade Service

The Trade Service, within the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism, is responsible for the promotion of exports of goods and services: its main objective is the expansion and diversification of exports of goods and services. To achieve this goal, the Service develops and implements every year a plan of action specifically designed to help Cypriot enterprises penetrate foreign markets.

The export strategy involves much more than advertising: it includes the implementation of export-oriented incentive schemes related to the export of agricultural and industrial products and services: participation in international trade fairs: the organization of business missions and seminars abroad: public relations and market research. The Trade Service has always been in close cooperation with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Industrialists and Employers Federation, numerous local and international associations, and diplomatic missions based in Cyprus.

The Ministry also operates eleven Trade Centres in specifically targeted export markets, including Austria, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Lebanon, Poland, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the USA. In addition Commercial Counselors have been appointed in Cyprus Embassies in Israel and China, markets that look very promising for the Cypriot products and services. The main responsibility of the Trade Centres is the promotion of Cyprus goods and services in overseas markets. The Trade Centres are also actively involved in the promotion of Cyprus as an International Business Centre, and as an attractive foreign investment destination.

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