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Information about the Mediterranean Institute of Management

The Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM) was established in 1976. It constitutes the international component of the Cyprus Productivity Centre a department of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance.

Since its establishment, the MIM has immensely contributed to the development of professional management in Cyprus. The MIM offers high quality managerial training through two Postgraduate Programmess, the morning full-time Postgraduate Management Diploma Programme which is taught in English and is intended for Cypriot and international university graduates, and the evening part-time Postgraduate Program in Management and Public Administration which is taught in Greek and is intended only for Cypriot university graduates.

The full-time Postgraduate Management Diploma Programme offers students, from a variety of academic backgrounds, the opportunity to prepare for a managerial career. Its overall objective is to provide students with a sound framework of concepts, analytical methods and techniques that will enable them to execute effectively their managerial duties. The target group of the Programme is, mainly, young unemployed university graduates with the objective of making them more attractive to prospective employers by offering them solid theoretical knowledge in Management and the opportunity to enhance their managerial skills through group work, internships and work-based learning.

The overall objective of the part-time Postgraduate Programme in Management and Public Administration is to provide participants with a sound framework of concepts, analytical method and techniques which will help them to execute efficiently and effectively their managerial duties. This is a program of two-year duration and is geared towards the needs of executives both in the private and the public sector. Lectures are offered only in Greek.

The MIM Postgraduate Diploma is recognised by the Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KYSATS), as equivalent to a Master’s level qualification for holders of an accredited Bachelor’s degree.

Furthermore The Cyprus Government, by decision of the Council of Ministers in June, 1987, recognized the MIM Diploma as a Postgraduate qualification in management studies, of one academic year's duration, for employment purposes in the Public Service.

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Mr. Akis Nicolaides

MIM Manager
tel.: 22806117/128/131, fax. 22376872
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